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Construction sites security


Disaster, fire, professional accidents... on a construction site, the occurrence of an event can have dramatic consequences. Because even if the number of work accidents in the construction industry has slightly decreased, it is still high.


Whatever the expected duration of the construction site, it is therefore necessary to put in place appropriate safety solutions to prevent the risk of accidents as much as possible. In the same way, the risks of disasters (fire, flood, etc.) must be taken seriously: outbreaks of fire during a construction site are commonplace. And even if the ideal remains to secure the site before the occurrence of a fire, it must be kept in mind that it is essential to think about the aftermath, so that the disaster does not cause additional damage.



Mitigating the risk of damage or theft does not require the implementation of the same security measures as for preventing the risk of occupational accidents or claims.


To secure a construction site, private security providers can offer temporary security solutions by combining human surveillance and intrusion detection solutions.

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