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Banque d'Algérie
Le transport de fonds en Algerie
Convoyeur de Fonds en Algerie
Les billets de banques algérien
Véhicule de transport de Fons en Algerie

Cash & Values transport

With the main mission of transporting and protecting valuables or precious objects during travel, cash couriers exercise a position of great responsibility.

On a daily basis, the Cash Conveyor is called upon to carry out specific missions. The Money Carrier must have irreproachable know-how and be endowed with irreproachable vigilance. 

  • Ensure the protection of the values ​​and property entrusted to it

  • Powering ATMs

  • Load and unload the goods and funds transported in the armored or unmarked vehicle

  • Respect strict and precise procedures, and have a perfect knowledge of the regulatory and legislative directives related to the possession and use of weapons and self-defense

Here are some of its main missions

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