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Risk management security company in Abu Dhabi UAE

The methodology aims to define the specific protection standards, each site has its particularity which requires a specific  protocol and customised service to align with to the site scope. 

Our services aims to reduce the risk of fire, deter, slow down and prevent physical access to sensitive areas of the site. 

There is no generic model to apply at the push of a button. We specially focus our studies on the following points :


  1. Prevention of industrial risks including fire risks

  2. Prevention against terrorist acts or malicious acts

  3. The safety of facilities and public, including workers safety conditions

Our security consultants take care for helping the client to make the best decision to minimise risk by implementing a targeted and appropriate protection process.

ISF Security consultancy service always focus on the :

  1. ​Investigation & information gathering 

  2. Threat assessment 

  3. Vulnerability assessment  

  4. Risk rating

  5. Risk management

  6. Crisis management 

  7. Profit / Risk expertise

  8. GAP Analysis

  9. The means of protection  

  10. Training & courses

Our strategy is to study all possible hypotheses and the environment of the company :

  • The geographic zone of operation

  • The geopolitical context 

  • The activity of the company 

  • The size of the company

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