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Close protection Louis Hamilton during the event of formula 1 Algeria
Emmanuel macron en visite en Algerie
Accompagnement de sécurité
Mercedes Security team Algeria
Sécurité prince de Monaco Albert II en Algerie

Events security

ISF have provided security solutions and manpower services for a number of leisure facilities in Europe and the Middle East including sports events, theme parks and equestrian centres. Our focus is to create a secure environment for both staff and visitors.


A safe and secure environment is essential in leisure facilities, particularly due to the high volume of visitors on a daily basis.


To ensure maximum safety and security for all within these facilities, the following steps should be completed: A risk assessment, gap analysis, fire safety, security provision and procedure and an evacuation plan.


Various agents trained, qualified and endowed with great professional know-how are at your disposal to secure your event. Their missions consist of :

  • Access control 

  • Welcome and guide the visitors,

  • Monitor and secure the facilities,

  • Manage crowd movements, panic or any other conflict,

  • Provide first aid and emergency procedures.

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