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VIP & Media security close protection

VIP Close protection

Close protection is one of ISF's specialties, which can range from simple accompaniment to an event, meeting, appointment.. etc., to accompaniment to hostile area or conflict zone. A security protocol and a specialized team will be assigned specifically for the mission. We are specialized in the management of situations that require various articulations with the deployment of technical and human resources while preserving the confidentiality and positive image of the person who benefits from our services.

ISF can also take care of foreign clients during their stays and accompany them during their travels (planning of stays, reservations, improvisations, etc.). A private security driver or an escort team can be dispatched very quickly.


With punctuality and diligence a driver is at your disposal. You have a large choice from a selection of prestige vehicles or you can be driven in your own vehicle.


It is important to provide sufficient advance notice for administrative and consular formalities (documents, visas, authorizations, ticket offices, armored vehicles, etc.)



Journalist safety is the ability of journalists and media professionals to receive, produce and communicate information without facing physical or moral threats.


The threats faced by journalists in the exercise of their profession are multiple: violence, intimidation, murder, kidnapping, hostage taking, offline and online harassment.

Women journalists also face the specific danger of sexual assault. 

ISF follows journalists in their investigative missions, including in hostile areas.

Safety measures are taken to minimize the risks.

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