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surveillance et gardiennage - Société de gardiennage en Algerie - Agent de sécurité en Algerie - Close protection executive in Algeria - Security Guard Services in Algeria

International Security Company  & TRAINING ACADEMY

We provide Close protection services, Risk management analysis & security guards services for corporates and persons ...

Our Implantations : Europe : France, Spain. North Africa : Algeria, Libya. Middle East : Emirates Arabes, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia


Blancpain championship security
DP World security of rafineries, petrol & gaz security & safety executive
tesla, fiat algerie- renault algerie- Kia algerie
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Since its creation, ISF SECURITY has been recognised for its high standard services, exceptional efficiency and professionalism.

Our team is ready to respond to all your requests and manage each project with the professionalism expected.

ISF SECURITY SERVICES will exceed your expectations.

We provide innovative quality services that keep you moving forward as a business.

La protection des sites sensibles  La surveillance et le gardiennage  La protection rapprochée des hautes personnalités  Le transport de fonds La formation professionnelle

20 Years  Our company is  specialised in the private security industry and consultancy, providing to our partners and customers the most suitable solutions. Indeed, we use the most rigorous, sophisticated  tools and strategies.​

Contact us to find out more about our team, our company or to obtain more informations on the services we provide.

How can we help you ?

In recent years we have assisted more than 600 clients in securing their business, whatever their sector of activity

Socété de sécurité événementiel, société de sécurité et gardiennage en algerie

Events security guard services

  • Access control

  • ID & Bag Screening 

  • Profiling

  • CCTV operators 

  • Emergencies management 

Close protection security executive in Algeria

Close protection officers


  • ​​​​Pre trip travel reconnaissance 

  • Low profile executive/ High profile executive

  • Emergency response team 

  • Medic rescue

Security driver and transportation airport to hotel in Algeria

VIP Driving & transfers 

  • Transferring  from airports / ports to  hotels 

  • Stand by during transfers 

  • Events driving supports 

  • Trip management 

  • Stand by executive

Société de transport de fonds en Algerie

Values & Cash Transfers 

  • Collect and delivery values 

  • Values storage 

  • Express pick-up 

  • Express delivery

  • 4 in 1, DSPT solutions 

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