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Société de sécurité et Gardiennage en Algérie

​“We work with a lot of thought in order to offer our customers a security solution and not a just necessary presence”

ISF SECURITY, an international security consulting company, covering a wide range of market sectors across the world.

20 Years, our company is  specialised in the private security industry and consultancy, providing to our partners and customers the most suitable solutions. Indeed, we use the most rigorous, sophisticated  tools and strategies.

Our prevention techniques are constantly updated, particularly following recent or recurring events.

We innovate on daily basis with our security audit, operational protocol and continuous training.

We take particular care of our recruitment process, both morally and professionally.​

Our team spirit makes us consider each mission as unique and exceptional by guaranteeing a permanent follow-up on the work carried out. It is our commitment to be reactive and  respond as quickly as possible to extend our support to our customers.

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