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Discover the professions for which our security training center train you, and do not hesitate to contact our security school in Oran for any additional information.

Whatever the training chosen, the courses are composed of two parts: the theory which takes place in the center, and the practice, outside, using real situations. We mainly favor practical exercises so that you can better understand your future job. In our center, you will find equipped classrooms, vehicles, as well as outdoor spaces for our practical exercises.

General admission requirements :

  • Be at least 23 years old

  • Have a clean criminal record

  • have the physical and moral capacities

  • Have good visual acuity / good hearing

  • Be in possession of a driving license

  • Have completed military service duty

Specific admission requirements :

  • Successfully pass the psychological tests

  • Successfully pass the physical tests

  • Successfully pass the tactical driving tests

  • Attend pedagogical and practical courses diligently

Final admission requirements :

  • Successfully pass the written and practical exams

  • Pass the final admission interview

Application file to be provided :

  1. CV

  2. Copy of the national identity card

  3. Copy of the passport

  4. Identity photo 10x15 cm (Suit and Tie)

  5. medical certificate

  6. Acquired diplomas and completed internships

  7. bank details

  8. Certificate of completion of military service

Envoyez votre candidature en complétant le formulaire ci-dessus  

Votre sexe
situation familiale actuelle
Importez votre CV format PDF
Importez vos diplômes / certificats PDF
Importez votre photo d'identité
Importez une photo de vous ( corp entier )

Merci pour votre envoi !


Pedagogical course

Theoretical course in class of 15 to 20 students maximum for each training session.

During this stage, students will have to learn the fundamentals of private security.

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Physical and sports tests

Learners will have to show their physical abilities in terms of mutual endurance.


Preparatory exercises

This phase includes exercises specific to the practice of the security profession, often required to carry heavy loads while moving


Driving exercises

This phase includes practicing tactical driving:

  • Driving at high speed 

  • Blind driving 

  • Driving with a damaged vehicle 

  • U-turn practice 

  • Emergency release 


Self defence courses 

An agent needs to know all the self-defense tactics to neutralize an opponent regardless of his body.

This phase puts into practice effective and advanced techniques.

Capture d’écran 2023-04-10 à 17.12.48.png

Shooting courses 

Learners will need to have perfect firearms control and the ability to hit a target in the case of absolute necessity without causing collateral damage 


Operational shooting 

This phase puts into practice techniques of adaptation and integration of firearms on the public space taking into account the various configurations and outfits worn by the officers. 

Capture d’écran 2022-01-19 à 14.59.03.png

Critical situations training 

This final phase puts emergency and release situations into practice to safely shelter a client and neutralize an adversary 

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