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Agent de sécurité ISF SECURITE intervention
Contrôle d'accès agent d'accueil

Banks & Administrations 

Public or private administrations are not spared by the rise of threats related to the risk of malicious acts.

Access control and monitoring

Guests and visitors frequent the administrations daily. Sometimes unwanted people may attempt to enter the establishment with malicious intent for several reasons. The threat of terror, hate crimes and actions generated by intolerance are increasingly common these days. ISF professionals are trained to identify these activities, prevent them and alert the competent authorities.


Crime and Violence Prevention

The threat of terror, hate crimes and actions generated by intolerance are increasingly common these days. institutions can be vulnerable to these threats and, as such, need tailored professional solutions. ISF experts will provide you with the security service designed to prevent crime and violence in the establishment.


Emergency response protocols - creation and implementation

The congregation may appear safe and secure, but in an emergency, visitors and guests must be evacuated in the most efficient manner to avoid loss of life, damage and injury. ISF experts will assess the location's vulnerabilities and create emergency response protocols to prevent potential damage, injury, and other complications.

Liaison with city emergency services

In the event of a safety or emergency problem, the situation must be handled with professionalism and respect towards the participants. ISF experts are trained to handle such situations in liaison with local fire departments and police while ensuring the safety of visitors, guests or staff.

For this sector we concentrate our efforts on the :

Access control with security guards, doors and gates ...

  • Electronic security and video surveillance. ...

  • Speed ​​lanes and motorized gates. ...

  • Secure storage

  • Automated cash management.

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