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La sécurité des plateformes pétrolières en Algerie
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Anti véhicules béliers en Algerie

Gas & Oil industries security 

A sensitive site is an area of ​​activity exposed to threats that can lead to operating losses, but this does not only concern manufacturers, but also represents risks that can impact state security, the environment, businesses and local populations. Also natural, technological and health risks.


The major concern of sensitive sites remains the safety of their production lines and storage areas as well as the health and safety of their employees.

The energy sector is particularly sensitive, since it includes not only nuclear power plants, but also refineries, oil and gas pipelines and even dams.

The safety devices of these industries were largely centred on the prevention of industrial risks and the fight against fires. now this sector is experiencing new threats such as terrorist acts and and malicious acts.

Our strategy is to be reactive by multiplying exercises with local authorities, whether in terms of combating the risk of fire or the risk of intrusion.

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